The Project

Universidade do Minho IsAG Università di Roma 3
The main objective of NEPAS project is to bring together a transnational and multidisciplinary research network to reflect on how the European Union (EU) should address the long-term consequences of the Arab upheavals for EU-Mediterranean (North Africa and the Middle East) relations and of achieving a high level of understanding of the needs, the requirements and the means of putting into place the newly adopted EU “Partnership for Democracy and Shared Prosperity”.

The first aim is thus to provide opportunities for academics from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research both through the conference podium, roundtable sessions and workshops.

The second is to create a transnational and multidisciplinary research network to provide a framework for international information exchange in this area and to conduct collaborative research in view of the newly adopted EU agenda towards the Mediterranean.

The third is the promotion and dissemination of knowledge related to the complex reality and evolution of the internal political and socio-cultural processes of the different southern Mediterranean countries and the reforms underway in terms of governance, social development, human rights and political transition. We mean to raise the political recognition of the relevance of a new EU-Med approach: help develop a truly Euro-Med culture and improved knowledge about it.

The fourth is to translate participants´ knowledge into policy recommendations for EU decision-makers. The organisation also intends to stimulate interest in the fields of Euro-Mediterranean relations and to provide stimulus to students interested in pursuing research in this area. This initiative envisages offering an opportunity to students of all academic levels to meet, visit, and exchange views and experiences with other practitioners and academics.

The organisation intends to put together those exchanges and knowledge by means of two major international conferences with the participation of academics, policy experts, NGOs, other civil society organisations, journalists, as well as students at various academic levels. In order to stimulate the participation of young researchers, we will organise several workshops devoted to undergraduate, MA and PhD students on the basis of two international “call for papers”. These conferences and workshops will enable the publication of a final E-book and of the best research papers. Other outputs, such as this website and a Newsletter will promote and disseminate knowledge related to the work developed throughout the project.

NEPAS Project is supported by Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.
Lifelong Learning

4 thoughts on “The Project

  1. Tenho acompanhado, o melhor que posso, a primavera árabe e o mundo árabe em geral com predominância para a África do norte, por isso fico contente em haver um projecto como este e desejo boa sorte.

  2. Is there an email with which to communicate with you aside from posting public comments?

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